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Why OpenXLive?

Why OpenXLive?


OpenXLive is a gaming social network platform in Windows Phone and Windows 8, providing game developers with online leaderboard, achievement, social networking and cross promotion services.

OpenXLive connects developers and players around the world. There are currently many top 10 games using OpenXLive in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and United States marketplaces.

There are currently more than 130 Windows Phone and Windows 8 games using OpenXLive online services by October, 2012. And the installing capacity has reached 1.5 million, with daily active users reaching 120,000.

Leaderboard and Achievement Services

OpenXLive provides online leaderboard and achievement services for game developers. OpenXLive leaderboards show you daily, weekly and even all rankings among millions around the world, announcing that who is the best and strongest player in the game.

Game achievements are those decoration earned in the game adventures, which will exhibit in the game center, announcing the player’s glory and dream.


Choice of Top Games

Many top 10 games are using OpenXLive services. Follows are sounds from developers:

Seamless integration of SNS and OpenXLive

At present, OpenXLive support SNS login for Facebook, Twitter and sina Weibo. Players can also share the thrill moments in the game to the social networks.


Free Cross Promotion Service

OpenXLive offers free cross promotion service for individual and small-team developers. All latest released games will be promoted in all OpenXLive games. In return, your game will promote other OpenXLive too. Think about it, who can promote top 10 games? The obvious answer is OpenXLive games!


Complete UI Solution

OpenXLive provide a set of complete UI solution for developers. Whether Silverlight, XNA or Windows Store Apps can add OpenXLive UI in several lines of code.

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