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Player's Story

Player Story from WP7GameReviews

Micah is a very famous Windows Phone game player and his nickname in OpenXLive is WP7GameReviews. WP7GameReviews developed many Windows Phone Game videos with very professional comments. He has been a big gamer in XBOX since long ago and we sincerely hope that he’ll introduce us more interesting Windows Phone games.

Thanks for his time for the interview with OpenXLive.

1. Would you please introduce yourself?


My name is Micah, I’m 18 and about to graduate high school here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



2Would you please introduce us your plan with WP7GameReviews, why did you choose WP7, and how many videos have you released?


Pretty much, I like games and I thought it would be fun. I’m a big gamer on my Xbox, and I’m loving my Windows Phone. Some of the games I’ve seen on the Marketplace have been amazing! I create game reviews for fun, but also for others to hear about a great game they may not have ever heard of. Currently, I’ve uploaded around 30 so far on YouTube, and I upload One Game Every Day (that’s my thing).



3. When did you start playing games, and would you please tell us about your gaming history?


I’ve been an avid gamer my whole life starting back when they came on floppy disks. I got a Dreamcast when I was six, but then I got an Xbox. Now I spend lots of time getting into games on my Xbox 360, Computer, and WP7.



4.  What are your experiences as a gamer on Windows Phone 7, and which area deserves the most improvement in your opinion?


For the most part, I’ve had a great time playing all sorts of games. I think a lot of the indie game devs are working hard to make quality stuff. And it’s kind of a shame Microsoft pushes these indie titles below the big names. But, what I probably hate the most is when some devs make ten versions of the same game and say they’re all different.



5. What do you think about OpenXLive, and what is your suggestion for improvement of OpenXLive?


So far I’ve had a good experience with OpenXLive. It’s really cool to have my own profile just for games. I can show off my high scores and achievements. It kind of reminds me of Xbox Live, but it’s easier to use and it’s free! It would be nice to have more games on OpenXLive to play and also to make it easier to find other OpenXLive games in the game center or something. And displaying more scores than 20 on a leaderboard would be cool too. I would also like OpenXLive to make it more apparent that the gamer needs an account to have his/her name put on the leaderboards and not just Anonymous.


6. What is your favorite game on OpenXLive, and what is your suggestion to that game developer?


This is really close. 7bomb is addicting as heck, but BoardFree is straight up awesome. Good job to both devs! The artwork is amazing on BoardFree, I love the Yeti that chases you, and it really takes me back to when I used to play SkiFree. I snowboard myself and I can totally relate! 7bomb has some nice clean graphics, and it’s just so addicting! It’s really hard to choose between these two great games! I hope to see more stuff from these guys.



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