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Hug with Steve Ballmer – Interview Valentin Billotte

1. Would you please introduce yourself?

Bonjour ! My name is Valentin Billotte,

I’m a 33 year old CEO who lives in Paris, France. I am a fan of game design and i love creating production and fantasy universes on my Windows Phone !

2. When did you start programming and what was your fist application?

It was in 1984, I was 6 years old. My first application was a Numprog game on my CPC 8128. You know, you have to say a number and Numprog tells you “too big” or “not enough” and you have to find the good number.

After that I made a lot of games on my casio devices during my studies and on PC when Direct X appeared.

I am a great fan of Xna and Silverlight, this is some cool stuff to make cool games.  And on Windows Phone you have both of those. I am working on this technologies since their pre-betas

3. When did you start the game development on Windows Phone 7?  Would you like talk to about your company?

I started to make game on Windows Phone one year before the release of the device. Microsoft France have some great guys who help a lot the community. I found some great friends with the good skill to make a great game (a 3D artist, a technical coder, a game design coder, a 2D artiste, a sound designer). My team and I are fan of Tower Defense, and we had the idea to make casual game, but with good graphism, quality and a lot of hours of fun. It was a success, Arcane’s Tower Defense (the name of our game) has been presented to Steve Ballmer himself (see the picture J ).

Now our company, GraphicStream is created and we are really happy to create game all the day on this great device. Thanks to OpenXlive we can offer to our game quality services to improve the fun on our game. So it give us a lot of ideas !


4. Can you talk a little about Arcane’s Tower Defense and its development experience?


It was hard ! We first made this game without device. Microsoft france gave us a real device (Samsung taylot) during summer 2011. We were coding on beta tools, without job, without money, just for the fun. But the experience was great. Tools like Visual Studio, Xna are great and easy to use. We made this game in 5 month. With C++ and another technology it should took twice time.

Arcane is the name of a fantasy universe with Human, Elves, Dwarfs, Halfhumain, Drake, etc. The history of Arcane’s Tower Defense is based on it. So we have a great campaign mode and a good story in with the player can interact.


5. How did you learn about OpenXLive?  How do you like the platform so far?  What would be your top comments or requirements for it?

I discovered OpenXLive from a friend. I took a brief look and I was just surprised by the quality of that! It’s a great way to offer to a lot of player some new hours of fun with leader boards and achievments. It improve the quality of our game. The background API is very stable and easy to use. The team behind it love comments and listen all the idea we can have. I love the administration tools too. You can see a lot of statistics an interact with players.


I want to get some multiplayer services (based on the socket), with messaging, sessions, etc.

Please, do it ! J


6. What is your future plan on Windows Phone 7 development?  What will be your next game and when will it be released?

We have 3 game in the pipe ! And it’s 3 great games. Casual with quality like Arcane’s Tower Defense.

A part of the team :

Left to right : Luc, me and Alexandre.

Arcane's tower defense


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