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OpenXLive launch Windows 8 SDK Preview

Microsoft has recently released the groundbreaking new operating system Windows 8.  It is the very first time that Windows system has ever spanned across PC, flat panel computer, super-notebook and other devices.  Also, the Windows Store application in Windows 8 let individual and small-team developers have the opportunity to show their works to users around the world.  The tremendous potential of Windows 8 enables numerous developers to actively participate into the Windows 8 Application development.  The games are the focal point of many developers.

In order to reduce the difficulty in developing on Windows 8 and launch the game as soon as possible, OpenXLive has introduced the Windows 8 SDK Preview version to help developing Windows 8 games in the fastest way, thus gaining advanced position in the Windows 8 market.

OpenXLive Windows Phone is the world's largest gaming social network platform, providing game developers with online scoreboard, game, achievement, social networking and cross promotion services. There are currently 126 Windows Phone games using OpenXLive services, and among the top 50 most popular games in China, 8 are using OpenXLive services. The internationally acclaimed games such as Happy Fisher》、《Super Voltage》、《Jelly vs Paul》、《MoHoo Reader》、《Rainbow Weather》、《Arcane's tower defense》和《AH!Wolves!are also applying OpenXLive services. At present, OpenXLive installing capacity has reached 1,741,795, with daily active users reaching 120,000.  With the largest number of games, the largest installing capacity, it has become the most prominent gaming platform on Windows Phone.



OpenXLive Windows 8 SDK Preview adopts the WinRT component format, which can supply a unified API interface for game developers using C#, VB.NET, C++ and JavaScript so that developers do not have to worry about using different languages. OpenXLive Windows 8 SDK currently offers various functions such as online scoreboard, game achievement and game recommendation.  By using the same cloud computing solutions as Windows Phone, it can instantaneously provide scoring information to players around the world, supporting more than a hundred thousand online players at the same time.

OpenXLive Windows 8 SDK Preview also provides game developers with open source UI solutions, which saves a lot of time in UI development.  The UI system adopts the MIT authorized source, which enables game developers easily develop the most suitable UI systems for the games.

As a leading Windows Phone game social networking platform, OpenXLive has launched the first Windows 8 SDK Preview version, making it more convenient for Windows Phone developer to migrate to the Windows 8 platform and helping partners to achieve greater success.  At present, the game AH!Wolves!, which uses the OpenXLive online services, is officially launched in the Windows Store.  There will be more games in the store very soon.

 If you are still wondering how to develop the scoreboard, achievement and social network service for the games, be sure to download OpenXLive Windows 8 SDK now and obtain winning market opportunities in the Windows 8 market!



Download:  http://developer.openxlive.com/sdk/download/win8


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