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OpenXLive SDK 0.9.9 Supports SNS Sharing

OpenXLive grows rapidly since the summer of 2012. After winning the Top 3 in Microsoft BizSpark for China region, OpenXLive has become one of the first companies selected into Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Project. TechCrunch have also reported this event:



In the hot July, OpenXLive released the 0.9.9 version of the SDK to provide multi-language support and SNS-sharing function.

OpenXLive SDK 0.9.9 Download Address is :http://developer.openxlive.net/sdk/download/


Nowadays, a lot of mobile games add the function of SNS Sharing, so that the users can share the splendid record or a rare game screen to a friend. It will make people even happier when receiving the praise from friends on SNS than only achieving good results in games.


It is not difficult for the developers to add a SNS sharing feature, because most of the SNS websites provide a SDK. However, this is only the beginning of a nightmare. The developer must constantly keep up with the pace of upgrading the SNS website, and also to support more and more of the SNS websites. Developers have to build different SNS SDK into the games and it needs go through the lengthy review process, which make the developers overwhelmed.


Therefore, OpenXLiveSDK 0.9.9 release provides SNS share for developers to add new SNS share without building a variety of SNS SDK into software or modifying the clients.


Currently, we support Facebook and Twitter sharing globally and support the sharing in Sina Weibo. We are going to support Renren and Tencent QQ.


As a developer, what you only need to do for easy SNS Sharing is to build OpenXLive SDK 0.9.9 into your games or applications.

You need to create a Sharing UI in your games:


Through OpenXLive SNS API connection, developers can share the pictures and text into the targeted the SNS site with the effect as following:

Sina Weibo Sharing Screenshot


Twitter Sharing Screenshot


Facebook Sharing Screenshot


Besides the SNS sharing features, OpenXLive SDK 0.9.9 version also offers multi-language localization support. Currently we support Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. User can also create their own language resource file and font file by needs.


Meanwhile, OpenXLive is launching the solicitation plan for multi-language versions.

OpenXLive provides developers with a limited version of the multi-language support that we cannot meet the needs from the global developers for all languages ​​needed. Therefore, we are ready to start this solicitation plan.


If you are proficient in a language other than English and are willing to develop localized versions for OpenXLive, please kindly translate the language version the resources file and SpriteFont of files and send to support@openxlvie.com . If your language version is adopted, we will take the following methods to thank you for your contributions:

1.      We will include your name and your translation language versions into the Readme file

2.      We will prepare a nice gift


Finally, thank you for your support on OpenXLive! Should you have any questions or suggestions, please drop an email to: support@openxlive.com

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