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OpenXLive SDK 0.9.8 Launching

OpenXLive, the social network platform on Windows Phone, launched OpenXLive SDK 0.9.8 recently which is the first SDK update in 2012 from OpenXLive.

OpenXLive SDK 0.9.8 Download link:


The Added Functions in OpenXLive SDK 0.9.8 includes:

1.         Supports the login with SNS accounts which involves Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo.

2.         OpenXLive Push Notification Hosting service added. Quite a few developers want to add the notification pushing service in their applications but they are not able to make it happen as they do not have their own server supports. OpenXLive provides the service of Push Notification Hosting and developers can push the notifications from OpenXLive Server

3.         UI Framework in Silverlight is upgraded with more background pictures and the supports of both landscape and portrait mode

4.         There is game creation guide added into Visual Studio 2010 and developers then can use their own start page


OpenXLive is the biggest social network platform on Windows Phone 7. It provides strong services to developers on leaderboard, achievements, social network, data analysis and cross promotion. Currently OpenXLive is the only open network to provide the data analysis service for XNA games.

OpenXLive provides the solution of Silverlight and the UI Framework on XNA, which helps developer to easily embed OpenXLive into their games by a few more codes adding but no longer needs to develop UI separately. OpenXLive is the only social game network to provide XNA UI Framework.


With all the developers and partners support and trust, OpenXlive grows rapidly in 2012. By April

18th, the device reaches 430,000registered developers are more than 3000, the game and

Applications launched in Marketplace is 89, MAU is 48%, and there are more than 100,000 users

logging in OpenXLive games every day.


Below is the growth rate to OpenXLive Game Session and users. From which we can see that from

Nov. 2011, there has been a bombing increase of Windows Phone users.

During this time, many hot applications chose OpenXLive as their social game network providers.

Meanwhile, OpenXLive cross promotion feature also helps many games popular such as Happy Fisher winning the first place in the game list of Mainland China, HK and Sigapore and  Jelly vs paul also on the top of Fee games Mainland China.


OpenXLive was also invited for Windows Phone 7.5 Launching Events in China to exhibit its own products and the ones with Partners, attracting the attentions and reported from Medias. 


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