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New Features in OpenXLive 0.9.6: Data Analysis and More

In the latest release of OpenXLive version 0.9.6, it added the support of online data analysis, a long awaited feature requested by many OpenXLive developers. Now with 0.9.6 update, developers can view real time data and trend of Game Session and User numbers, and analyze their products to improve user viscosity.

Besides data analysis, version 0.9.6 also added support for Silverlight Themes and Tombstone mechanism. This version is the last update before Windows Phone 7 Mango update. OpenXLive for Mango is under development right now and it will bring more exciting features to the OpenXLive community.

1. Data Query and Analysis

As part of our improvements for better developer support on OpenXLive, we’ll provide a series of backend data analysis tools to help developers examine how their games are played in real world scenarios.  OpenXLive game backend data available for query and analysis include user count, device count, game session count, game session durations, geographical distribution of users, customized events, and exception handling.

In Data Analysis, it now shows trending graph of game sessions and active users, analytical summary data (e.g. user count, game session count, and average game session duration), and weekly game session count.

2. Support for Windows Phone applications

We’ve added support for Windows Phone applications in OpenXLive. As a result, like games developed based on OpenXLive platform, applications can benefit from data analysis and cross promotion provided by OpenXLive. Applications can now be promoted in OpenXLive App/Game list with much better user exposures. Online data analysis also helps applications to get first hand usage data.

3. Improvements for games with customized Startup UIs

OpenXLive provides default Startup UI for games based on OpenXLive. However, some game developers may choose to use their own Startup UIs for better user experience and differentiation. In 0.9.6, we’ve added better support for user defined Startup UI, and updated the API interface. API OpenSession is provided in XLiveFormManager to open a game session. Please refer to SDK document for more details.

4. Support for Silverlight Theme and Tombstone

We’ve added the support for Silverlight Theme with white background and Tombstone. This will ensure OpenXLive games developed with Silverlight will run more smoothly on Windows Phone 7.


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