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OpenXLive Version 0.9.5 Released, Fast Growing User Base

OpenXLive, a mobile gaming and SNS platform on Windows Phone 7, was released on February 15th, 2011.  It allows game developers on Windows Phone 7 to add gaming social network features to their games with minimum efforts.  OpenXLive is developed and operated by Fulcrum Mobile Networks, Inc., a Washington state based company.  Similar platforms include OpenFeint and Plus+ on iOS.

In the new 0.9.5 version, OpenXLive supports both XNA and Silverlight game development, with features of Leaderboard, Achievements, SNS, Games, and more.  OpenXLive is the only 3rd party gaming social network available on Windows Phone 7; it’s completely free, no certification process and available after easy registration.

OpenXLive has been growing faster than expected since it was released.  As of May 1st, 2011, independent user count on OpenXLive has exceeded 28 thousand, 12 games have been published on Marketplace, and more than 40 games are under development.

Developers and players around the globe are joining OpenXLive family.  We value our developer community and game players.  We have built up strong relationship with them via various channels including forums and email, and we’re making constant improvements to our SDK and services based on feedbacks from them.

Download OpenXLive SDK 0.9.5:


New Features

In the latest version 0.9.5, we’ve added many interesting new features:

1.       Support for Silverlight

Many games on Windows Phone 7 are developed with Silverlight.  To support these games, we’ve added Silverlight client for OpenXLive, as well as a Visual Studio design template to facilitate fast creation of OpenXLive games based on Silverlight.  Silverlight client comes with a UI consistent with the XNA version so that users will have a unified experience.

2.       User picture upload from phone

In OpenXLive games, the startup UI will display the logon user pictures.  However, in the past user would have to connect to the website to upload or change their pictures.  In version 0.9.5, we’ve introduced the feature to upload user pictures directly within the game, where user can take a shot with the camera, edit it, and upload the picture to OpenXLive server.

3.       OpenXLive Games cross recommendation system

OpenXLive client now includes the new OpenXLive Games cross recommendation system.  All OpenXLive games will be showed to the players, and games from the same developer will be displayed first.  Browsing through the list of OpenXLive games, player can click on the Marketplace button and download directly from Windows Phone Marketplace.


Hot Games

Two OpenXLive games have reached user base of over 10 thousand independent players:

·         7bomb

User count: 12276


7Bomb is a simple game made as a parody of popular Windows Phone 7 game 7Cave and popular Little Big Planet game Bomb Survival. 7Bomb was created in desperation for any good game on the windows phone that is free and non-Xbox Live. It was completely written by a sophomore kid for other kids who want a fun and addictive game to play. It was written with xna and farseer physics ( you guys rock!!! ). 7Bomb is a survival game in which you try to escape the bombs that fall from the sky while getting as far down into the ground as you can. I will listen to every review and change the app according to the suggestions and requests that you ask for.


·         Super Hoops

User count: 11036


Sink as many baskets as you can before the buzzer sounds in this addictive basketball shooter. Can you beat your friend's score? Try and find out!


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