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About OpenXLive


OpenXLive connects gamers on Windows Phone 7 with a social network (SNS) platform, and enables mobile game developers to add social networking features in games with minimal development efforts, including friends, leaderboards, forum, and more.  OpenXLive was developed by Fulcrum Mobile Network, Inc.  Similar platforms include OpenFeint and Plus+, both of which run on iOS devices.


OpenXLive enables and simplifies the development of social networking features for Windows Phone 7 XNA games.  OpenXLive provides gaming community and social network user interface to be integrated into XNA games, which is not supported by Xbox Live.  


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OpenXLive provides real gaming social networking experience, and allows gamers to share with friends their gaming achievements and status.  Every gamer is provided a user homepage, where all the leaderboard scores and achievements can be looked at and shared.  In the near future, Open XLive
will integrate more tightly with other SNS platforms.


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Open XLive provides game official websites. Individual game developers and small development teams usually have a hard time finding resources to run their game website.  Game official website supported by Open XLive saves the trouble of maintaining your own website.  It helps to promote your games, and collect gamer feedbacks.  Game office website also provides supports on download count and online gamer count.

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·       Leaderboard


One of the top players in a
game? Show your rankings among millions
around the world!

·     Achievements


Showcase what you’ve achieved in
game adventures.

·       Social Network


Find those who play the same games
and share the same joys and adventures with you. 

·       My Center


Your past, present, and
future. Your glories, your honors, your

·       Cloud Storage


Store game information in the
cloud. Access it anywhere with any

·       Game Announcement


Major events in games. For example, you became No.1.




OpenXLive Websitehttp://www.openxlive.com

OpenXLive Website (Chinese)http://www.openxlive.net

OpenXLive Developer Websitehttp://developer.openxlive.com

OpenXLive Getting Started: http://wiki.openxlive.com/Getting-Started-with-Open-XLive.ashx

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/openxlive

Twitter: http://twitter.com/openxlive

Sina Twitter (Chinese):  http://t.sina.com.cn/openxlive

Sohu Twitter (Chinese): http://openxlive.t.sohu.com/

Tencent Twitter (Chinese): http://t.qq.com/open_xlive


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